Why Choose a Professional to Help You with Odor Removal, Fullerton, CA

Why Choose a Professional to Help You with Odor Removal, Fullerton, CA

The one thing that makes every space pleasant and comfortable is a nice smell. It just remains in our memory for a long time. Something that also remains in our memory for a long period of time is a bad smell or odor of some place or a premise. No one wants to be remembered as an owner of a smelly home or a restaurant.

Some odors can be removed by home and space-owners but some require help from trained professionals. For instance, some bad smells like cigarette smoke, dump or pet urine are very persistent no matter what you use to offset them. Also, some working and resting places have a specific bad smell as you can sense in gyms or auto repair shops. It is not like you are not taking care of the hygiene of your premises, it is just that the usual cleaning products and air fresheners can`t neutralize those persistent odors. These bad smells get into the furniture and walls and nothing you can do yourself will make them go away.

Likely, there are trained professionals and companies that deal with this problem successfully. Professional services for removing odors from living and working spaces use a specific method and tools to bring fresh and beautiful smell to your premises. They were trained for that so they know what they are doing.

Technicians trained in odor removal by authorized instructors are taught about the principles of eliminating repulsive smells. Qualified technicians for odor removal use special substances that are clinically tested and approved, pet-safe and children-safe to make your premises fresh and odorous again. Each material has its own specific physical properties that determine which substance will be used for odor removal. These professionals can manage odors caused by pet urine, moldering, mildew, chemicals, and fire and smoke, among other causes. They are prepared for any job in relation to odor removal.

Preparing Your Home For Sale, Fullerton, CA

Factors to Keep in Mind When Preparing a Home for Sale, Fullerton, CA

Selling a home can be a long, arduous process. Before inviting prospective buyers over to have a look, homeowners must make sure their bases are covered in the home improvement department. While some cleaning and repair jobs around the house can be done without outside help, it’s often useful to bring in a professional tile and grout cleaning service to handle some of the more specialized jobs.

Professional Carpet and Tile Cleaning knows what it takes to make a house look ready for sale. Here are a few things homeowners should look at before they make the final decision to sell:

Mind Your Grout

The spaces between tiles in your kitchen or bathroom are certainly difficult to clean. Further, it’s a safe haven for bacteria. The grout in a floor takes on a lot of moisture, dust, and other particles. For this reason, it can quickly grow discolored or dirty, and even break apart, leaving the floor exposed to water that may seep underneath. Homeowners can spend hours — even days — scrubbing and cleaning the grout in their home to get ready for a sale. Or, they can leave it up to a team of licensed professionals and fully trained technicians. Grout and tile restoration is often a tricky business, but the professionals at Professional Carpet and Tile Cleaning are fully insured in case anything goes wrong.

Make It Shine

Over the years, both grout and tiles become stained and moldy. Consistent moisture levels in bathrooms and kitchens create a perfect environment for mold to grow — and once established, it’s quite tough to get rid of. That’s why, when it comes to tile restoration in living areas, homeowners need to take advantage of the latest trends. Vapor technology helps save time and restores both tiles and grout in an efficient manner, getting a home ready for sale and on the market in a reasonable time frame.

Restore What’s Broken

Cracked or broken tiles and grout can be a major deal breaker for individuals and families looking to buy a home. Before replacing those old tiles, which often means paying a contractor an hourly rate plus the cost of materials, it may be worth looking into tile repair. Restoration of existing tiles ensures a secure and structurally sound floor, while also preventing further repairs in the near future.



When we’re not cleaning carpets at Professional Carpet & Tile Cleaning, Fullerton we spend a lot of time with our favorite furry friends. Sometimes it amazes us how much we continue to love them after the messes they can create. But maybe it is our love for animals that fuels our interest in carpet cleaning. With furry four-legged friends like Jackpot and Boku around, we have to be specialists in carpet cleaning and pet odor removal. We don’t mind, it’s all worth it.

We know the folks in Fullerton love animals as much as we do, so when tackling tough stains, we choose to use a green cleaning solution that won’t harm humans, labs, setters, Lhasa Apsos, or any other living, breathing, playing creature who hangs out in your home. Our detergent free cleaning with a deep steam process leaves your carpet with zero residue, free of the dirt and bacteria that can accumulate especially fast when you have four-legged friends. At Professional Carpet and Tile Cleaning, Fullerton, CA we understand why pet owners do the things they do for their animals. Whether that means giving their Pitbull a queen-sized bed or knitting a special sweater so their chihuahua won’t shiver in the cold. We get it. That’s why we have developed our techniques and expertise to rid carpets of stains and rooms of pet odors. We want a healthy planet for humans and the animals they love. That’s what motivates us to be the best carpet cleaners in Fullerton, CA.

Why You Should Use a Trusted Golden, Fullerton Carpet Cleaning Pro

Why You Should Use a Trusted Golden, Fullerton Carpet Cleaning Pro

In any home, the first thing that usually gets noticed by visitors is the condition of the carpet. If the carpets look clean, it makes a good statement about the house or apartment. But for busy people, carpet cleaning is not usually at the top of the list of things to do.

Why Carpet Cleaning in Golden, Fullerton is Important

Aside from the great benefits of having a carpet that looks newer and smells fresher after cleaning, it also helps to maintain the value of the residence. While not usually thought of as a furnishing, the carpet is an integral part in making homes look cozy and comfy.

For businesses, a professional look must be presented to customers who walk through the door, and if the carpets look unkempt and dirty, this can make an unconscious negative impression on their clientele.

Carpet cleaning is not only good for appearances, it also improves the quality of indoor air by removing loose dirt, dust, pollen and other particles.

For pet owners, carpet cleaning is essential for keeping undesirable odors in the home at bay. Depending on how severe the problem is, it may involve carpet repair or even replacement if it is too damaged to save.

Call the Experts

Some individuals prefer doing carpet cleaning on their own by using “steam cleaning” carpet machines. But these consumer grade products do not have the power or the strength to really do an effective job when compared to professional equipment.

They do, to a certain extent, clean, but the expense and hassle of using them often offsets the DIY aspects for this chore.

Professional carpet cleaning is a good solution for those who don’t want or do not have the time to invest in doing it themselves. Carpet cleaning services, such as, have trained professionals that know what it takes to do an effective job by utilizing professional cleaning equipment to produce excellent results.

Keeping it Clean

Between cleanings there are a few things that can be done to keep carpets fresh, such as using hallway runners or small area rugs to cover the carpet in high traffic areas. Carpet runners are relatively inexpensive and can be purchased at various department stores or bargain outlets.

If you expect to have company over, and especially if there are small children involved, serve uncolored sodas that are sugar free. If accidental spills occur, they won’t stain your carpets.

For adults that show up, place area rugs around “danger zones,” such as coffee tables, to absorb any accidental spills.



Beyond the occasional spot cleaning due to spills, and a quick pass with the vacuum extension, most people don’t really think about the care and cleaning of their upholstery. Unless the upholstery of the furniture is significantly grimy, stained, or worn, many homeowners simply purchase a slipcover for the piece without considering the advantages having their upholstery professionally cleaned.

1. Removes Unseen Debris for a Deeper Clean

Whether the upholstered furniture is in a home, an office, or another setting, when people sit on it, they leave unseen things behind. Whether these items are dead skin cells, sweat, or hair, they can provide the ideal breeding ground for fungal spores and bacteria. The occasional once-over with a vacuum cleaner attachment will only remove surface elements. A professional upholstery cleaning by Professional Carpet Cleaning gently removes any debris below the surface as well.

2. Removes Allergens

Many different types of allergens can live inside the fibers of upholstery much as they can within a carpet fibers. Dust mites, for example, are commonly found in upholstery. They can trigger the body’s immune response, resulting in headaches, skin rashes, difficulty breathing, and other symptoms. Professional Carpet Cleaning uses innovative techniques that focus on confining such allergens within their equipment and not releasing them back into the environment.

3. Removes Stains

No matter how diligently a homeowner cleans a stain off their upholstery, it’s likely to remain. Upholstery is notoriously difficult for the average homeowner to effectively clean, because many products available at typical big-box stores are simply not capable of deep cleaning the fibers. When this is combined with the tendency of consumers to accidentally grind the stained elements further into the fibers of the upholstery, it’s easy to understand how difficult cleaning furniture can be. At Professional Carpet Cleaning, our cleaning teams are specially trained to handle all types of upholstery. These cleaning skills are backed by our powerful, truck-mounted equipment that delivers impeccable results. This combination leaves your upholstery fresh, clean, and free of stains.

Professional Carpet Cleaning provides residential, commercial, and vacation properties with the cleaning services they need to look great and feel comfortable. In addition to upholstery cleaning, we also offer water extraction, carpet cleaning, office and chair cleaning, and other services.


Carpets are susceptible to inks and other types of stains. As a general rule, immediate actions are required in order to mitigate the severity of the issue. Some individuals engaged to do-it-yourself ways in getting ink out of carpets such as using warm water and solutions, rinsing the stained spot with water, soap and cleaner and many more. Though these are possible options, it is still the best option to hire carpet cleaning experts. These individuals are equipped with the needed skills and knowledge in dealing with inks and stains in your carpets.
Inks spilled in the carpet can really be a frightening thought, especially if you own light colored carpets. However, with the best professional carpet care and solutions, getting ink out of the carpet is highly possible .
It is true that ink stains can cause havoc on the carpet and fabrics. These can even trigger total destruction with no recourse. With the aid of technology and effective techniques and cleaning products, ink stains can be completely eliminated. You can dampen the area with isopropyl alcohol and active ingredient and start dabbing wet cloth on the carpet that is stained with inks. Prior to removing stains, make sure to conduct a test or inspection on the stained area. This is to ensure that the cleaning solutions that you will use will not cause further damage to the carpet.
Ink stains on the carpet can be unsightly scenes however; these do not really have to be the source of catastrophe forever. Professional Carpet Cleaning Fullerton helps rectify ink stains and other issues posed by your carpet. Ink stains must be considered as urgent issues that need to be dealt upon with. Remember that the longer the stains stay in the carpet, the harder it gets and the more difficult of getting ink out of the carpet.
With Professional Carpet Cleaning Fullerton, only the best technicians specializing in all sorts of carpet stains will carry out the task. Rather than executing repeated effort, you can trust Carpet Cleaning Fullerton to completely eliminate the stains and bring back the beauty and elegance of your carpet once again. Only the most suitable cleaning solutions, techniques and products are used to ensure quality and desired results.
Carpet Cleaning Fullerton guarantees not just removal of ink stains but also effective removal of other unwanted elements like sand, grit and allergens. Modern methods of cleaning and removing ink stains are facilitated to speed up the process while maintaining high quality and efficient results. Carpet Cleaning Fullerton can certainly put your carpet back on track.
With the best carpet cleaning services Fullerton, your carpets will again become visually appealing and potentially longer lasting. Clean and properly maintained carpets are what every home and office needs. There have been recent methods and technologies introduced these days making carpet cleaning ultimately efficient and successful. The best modern methods and technologies were adopted by Carpet Cleaning Fullerton and these are ready to be executed for the utmost benefits of customers who are in need for unmatched carpet cleaning results.

Ceramic Tile Cleaning & Grout Sealing, Fullerton, CA

Ceramic Tile Cleaning & Grout Sealing, Fullerton, CA

Purchase a good quality dust mop and sweep your ceramic tile floors daily. This is especially important in new installations where the grout has not fully cured. Dirt, mud, and sand tend to ground into the grout mortar from heavy foot traffic.

Dirt collecting carpet mats should be placed in frequently used entrance and shaken out weekly.

We do not recommend the use of floor waxes as they can be difficult to remove from ceramic floors. As long as your floors is properly sealed and maintained, you should find no need for these products.

Shower stall and tub enclosures should have proper ventilation. Stagnant water breeds stain causing mildew as well as other fungi.

Many tile cleaners are acid based and their use should be limited. Always read the manufacturer’s label to find out. All acids, no matter how weak, will etch marble surfaces. Natural marble is commonly installed as thresholds in doorways and is also installed in window sills and shower curbs. In addition, avoid any cleaner that contains harsh abrasives.

Mop or sponge your tile down 2 to 3 times weekly. Mix 1 capful of dishwashing liquid per gallon of hot water. Mop up excess water and allow to dry. Buffing with a dry towel will help to reduce spotting.

Pet Stain and Odor Removal, Fullerton, CA

Pet Stain and Odor Removal, Fullerton, CA

would be wise to hire a professional company to get rid of them for you. If you are planning on hiring a carpet pet stain removal company, you are going to want to make sure that you do a proper amount of research. In this article, we will be going over some of the keys to hiring the right company.

Finding The Right Company:

1. Experience.

The first thing that you are going to want to look for is a company with a good amount of experience. You need to be sure that you find a company that has a solid reputation, because you do not want to choose a company that could potentially ruin your expensive carpets. You also want to make sure that they are going to do a great job and not a job that you could do with residential cleaning products. Always try to find an experienced company that has been doing it for many years, so you know that they are reputable.

2. Reputation.

Another thing that you are going to want to do is try to find a company that has a solid overall reputation within the industry. You want to do this because a good overall reputation is going to mean the difference between hiring a good company that is going to get the job done and potentially hiring a company that is not going to get the job done and might even make things worse. Checking the reputation of any service based company is very important. The good news is that you can find all kinds of different information regarding reputation by simply looking at various review websites on the Internet. You will be able to find all kinds of information from former clients and see whether or not it is worth trusting them for your carpet cleaning and carpet stain removal.

As you can see, there are plenty of different things that you are going to need to consider if you want to find the top overall carpet stain removal company. Be sure to look at all of the factors to determine your best option.

If you have any questions about pet stains please contact us through the site.

Ways to Protect Your Carpet When the Movers Come, Fullerton, CA

Ways to Protect Your Carpet When the Movers Come, Fullerton, CA

Moving is stressful, and it can be hard to keep track of everything that needs to be done. At , we understand that and we know that you want to leave your current place in the best possible condition. There are several things that you can ask the movers to do that can help keep your current home looking great.

Use Carpet Protection

There are a variety of ways to protect your carpet when the movers are doing their work. Use carpet protection film on the walkways. It is quick and inexpensive and simplifies cleanup. Use this plastic adhesive carpet protector throughout the home while loading the furniture. Ask everyone involved in the move to wear shoe booties while working. This should provide adequate protection, but there are some situations that may require a more aggressive approach.

Moving Tips to Make Things Easier

If you do not already have doormats at every exit, get some before the move. You will be surprised at how much dirt a doormat collects. Inside the house put down large pieces of cardboard in particularly high-traffic areas. This will provide more protection than carpet protection tape and last through the entire move. The protective film will likely rip in areas of heavy traffic or particularly heavy furniture.

If you have heavy furniture, such as a large wood hutch or a piano, make sure you have enough workers for the move. Trying to drag heavy furniture across the carpet will lead to damage. Using furniture sliders makes the job easier and should be considered even for lighter-weight pieces.

Dealing With the Empty House

Once your furniture is out, you or your movers will need to gather up all of the moving materials. Take an objective look at your carpet. While your efforts left the carpeting in much better shape than if you hadn’t taken the time to cover it before the moving process, it probably still needs a cleaning. Whether you are selling a home and want to leave it in good shape for the new owners, or hoping to get your deposit back on your rental, leaving the place with a fresh carpet cleaning is a good idea.

If you’re looking for carpet cleaning in Fullerton, contact us at Professional Carpet and Tile Cleaning. We provide carpet cleaning using a unique product known as Empowered Water. This cleaning method does not soak the carpets like traditional carpet cleaning. This quickens drying time if you are in a time crunch. If you’re looking for Fullerton Carpet Cleaners, get in touch with us here at Professional Carpet and Tile Cleaning. We’re ready to help make the move out process as easy as possible.

Cleaners near me?, Fullerton, CA

Cleaners near me?, Fullerton, CA


Whether it be carpet cleaners, house cleaners or window cleaners the best method to find them is through their reviews. Everyone can boast about how he or she is the best cleaner in Tyler but nothing does better than getting reviews from people around you. Sure, its still a good idea to ask Mom (or maybe Dad) but honestly, how much of their opinion of a cleaner is based on their loyalty vs. how good the company really is.

Today, we can instantly find hundreds of reviews from hundreds of sources. But you have to be careful, not all review sites are honest. Some allow any old person to give a review which allows companies to post their own reviews. Fortunately, most of those sites are usually not around anymore but they are still out there.

Luckily there are a few sites (some even free) that you can more confident in that their cleaning reviews are accurate and honest. The ones that come to the top of my mind are Home Advisor, Angie’s List and Google. Out of the three, Angie’s list does require a membership but the reviews tend to be very thorough.

Any carpet cleaners, house cleaners or any service person period should be thoroughly vetted before being allowed in your home. And now you can do this in a matter of minutes!